Scotty Gillespie x DIY Supermarket Slow Days A4 Print


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Made by The DIY Supermarket


The DIY Supermarket Charity Art Prints

Part of an exclusive range of prints created as a collaboration between The DIY Supermarket and a number of our wonderful creatives, raising funds to help support NHS Together & Off The Record Bristol. All profits of these print sales will be split between these two extremely deserving charities. During these “strange and uncertain times” we wanted to help in a way that would bring joy to everyone involved.

The brief given to the artists was ‘Pockets of Happiness’ or ‘Life’s Simple Pleasures’, things that you come across day to day that perhaps are only noticing now how important they are and how much joy they bring.  This could be a new leaf on a plant, sun coming through your window at a particular time of day, when you froth the milk by accident for your coffee by shaking the carton and feel fancy AF. Left open to interpretation to mirror each individual creatives thoughts and feelings towards the theme.

Scotty Gillespie – Slow Days

Available in A4, printed onto archival cotton rag paper, 310gsm.

‘I’m usually all go, got loads to do and I never really have time to slow down. As for many people, lockdown has been a weird transition for me. It’s made me really slow down and because of this I have started to really notice things and really appreciate the stillness of life. Bees humming in the garden, ants marching on the patio, the steam rising from a morning coffee. I know these might seem trivial but I have never REALLY noticed them before, it was like my scenes have been heightened. I was really wanted to make something that was about life’s simple pleasures coupled with things that I have started to notice and appreciate now that life has slowed down.’ Scotty Gillespie 2020

NHS Charities Together “As the National membership organisation for NHS Charities, we represent, champion and support the work of more than 140 member charities. These fantastic NHS Charities give over £1million every day to the NHS enhancing patient experience and care.”

Off the Record Bristol “OTR is a mental health social movement by and for young people aged 11-25 living in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. OTR isn’t just a charity providing mental health services, it’s a mental health movement mobilised to support, promote and defend the mental health, rights and social position of young people!”