Red and Pink Scribble Barrette Hair Clip by Sophie Filomena


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Made by Sophie Filomena


Thus fimo red and pink scribble barrette hair clip by Sophie Filomena are an abstract pop to brighten any day. Handmade in Bristol by Sophie. The perfect gift for a colour lover.


Handmade, Head-Turning Statement Design
Featuring in publications, such as Vogue, Filomena is a bold and bespoke brand, making an impact in the slow fashion scene. Inspired by the Memphis Milano cultural phenomenon of Italian design, Sophie has a passion for exploring new designs and bolsters an ever-changing collection of jewellery, prints and homeware.

Specialising in jewellery, it all started when Sophie couldn’t find a style that she was looking for – so she taught herself how to make her own earrings. The result was a handcrafted bespoke line of empowering statement jewellery, creating a range of custom and unique styles.