About Us


Welcome to The DIY Supermarket! A leading online lifestyle store stocking clothes, art, jewellery, and other independently made goods.
Our mission is to work as a platform for independent brands to sell their work, carefully curating our family of creatives to bring you a fresh range of designs.

If you’re Bristol-based, or just stopping by, you can find us in Good Store Studio

A collaborative lifestyle store & creative space formed by The DIY Supermarket alongside local independents Palace Flophouse & Duvet Days. With a vision to go far beyond just a shop, Good Store Studio has always been about providing a community-driven space that everyone could enjoy. With an open plan textile studio housed in the space and designs in place to host workshops & classes for other local independents.

Nestled right in the heart of Old Market. You can find a full range of products from The DIY Supermarket creative’s – plus some exclusive sellers and stock you won’t find online!


A bit about the logistics…When DIY Supermarket started out we worked alongside the brands as a solely dropship site, helping buyers and sellers to connect via our secure and easy-to-use platform. But as we’ve grown we now work with small amounts of wholesale with independent artists.  As such, the online stock is held both at DIY Supermarket HQ and with each individual seller for shipment.  We’re so incredibly grateful to have grown to a point where we can approach independents and purchase


Alright yeah, you caught me! DIY Supermarket is just an I…It’s me, Beth!  There I am, apologies to my partner who has been savagely cut out of that photo…

A lover of trinkets, wall-to-wall art, and second-hand shopping- I’m often found at a market or car boot sale looking for more things to try and fill my already very full flat with. Finding independent creatives honestly fills me with such joy and I love to shout about them, honestly if you give me the chance I will chew your ear off about them, I’ll probably whip out my phone or grab yours and make you follow them on Instagram whilst we talk.

When I’m not working on DIY Supermarket or in Good Store, I’m a nanny and work for a record label/clothing brand- I believe the term is multi-hyphenate (which does make me want to vomit but it does describe it well). With my background in Childcare, a BTEC and a BA in the subject, it seems an odd leap to retail and the arts- but beautiful objects and art have always been a recurring theme throughout my life. With that in mind, I feel so chuffed that I get to showcase so many amazing artists and bring them to your eyes!

I started DIY back in 2018 after stepping my pop-up events company (Bzzaar) out of its comfort zone and hosting a month-long popup makers shop over Christmas on Picton Street in Bristol. It was a little red shop and it was incredibly cute and it was filled to the brim with independent makers from Bristol and further afield. It was a roaring success (if I do say so myself) but sadly I wasn’t in a financial situation to take on a brick and mortar store on my ones. So I got to thinking about starting a website… I had to get creative as the option of holding stock for creatives just wasn’t there for me, so I went down the route of dropship! And here we are, in 2021, DIY is still just me but we’ve definitely grown up! Opening our sister store Good Store Studio with two of my best pals has been a real highlight and it’s been so lush to let you see the wonderful makers of DIY in the flesh.

Thanks for stopping by and showing your support, it means the world.

Beth x