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Studio Fae

Studio Fae is a Bristol based Graphic Designer and printmaker. Her use of collage esque patterns and blocks of eye-catching colour give her work a recognisable flair.

Working with hand-printed textures, painted patterns and bold shapes to produce playful prints and other hand printed items. Often inspired by the natural world, all prints are on 100% recycled cotton paper and packaged with recycled board and bio sleeves.

Check out her products here

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Doon Duh Vail Co.

From the Irish DÚN DO BHÉAL [doon-duh-vail] shut your mouth, Doon Duh Vail Co have broken into the humour surrounding Z listers, memes and got their sarcasm and dry wit down to an absolute T (literally). Embroidering totes and t-shirts their slogans are a light pick me up from the day-to-day seriousness of life.

Check out their products here

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Hel Covell

Hel is a freelance illustrator from Yorkshire in the UK, whose work encompasses bright and playful characters. An Illustration graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, she’s written and illustrated a children’s book, painted a custom arcade machine for The V&A and won a character design fellowship with Pictoplasma. She’s beginning to exhibit throughout the UK and abroad, and trying to grapple tough subjects (like mental health) with a sense of humour and her repertoire of characters.

Check out her products here

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Lucas Loves

Lucas Loves is a surface pattern designer and screen printer based in Bristol.

Their pattern designs are mostly influenced and inspired by Japanese Prints, Scandinavian design and pretty much anything from the 1950’s; shapes, colour, ceramics, fashion and even furniture. They’re passionate about creating products that not only look good but are of the best quality and have minimal or no harm to our environment; when printing they choose to work water-based inks, their paper products are mostly 100% recycled paper and they use either a natural or recycled fabric for their textile products.

Check out Lucas Love’s products here

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Anna Soba

Anna is an illustrator and printmaker based in Brighton.

Cats with personality are Anna Soba’s thing, whether they’re riding a snake or have two heads Anna’s exuberant illustrations tell a little story.

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Tess Smith-Roberts

Tess is an illustrator based in London who can often be found making playful, fun and colourful designs. With colour pops and a signature illustrative style her work is totally relatable and a joy to the eyes.

A multimedia illustrator, Tess prints on t-shirts, totes and paper! She also dabbles in fimo earrings.

Check out Tess’ products here

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GOAT magazine is a new arts and literature magazine founded by Sisi Savidge. They are 0% advertising, 0% plastic with 100% production and contributor transparency and equality.

They pride themselves on being interested in any and all subjects as long as they hold originality in their content. Describing the magazine as a space for creatives to come together and share their creations.

Check out GOAT mag here

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Bo Matteini

Bo is an illustrator, designer, stylist, painter and art director based in London. Working with paint, pencils and digital they enjoy experimenting and the process of creating.

Gentle colours printed on different mediums, such as risograph, show off Bo’s recognisable style in the best possible way.


Check out Bo’s products here

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Ruth Beesley

Ruth Beesley is a silversmith based in London. Her work is simple but every piece unique, working a lot with the hammered technique in her process.

Smooth shapes and geometric styles are a big part of Ruth’s collection of work.

Check out Ruth’s products here

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Hattie Clark

Hattie Clark is a freelance illustrator based in Yorkshire.

She loves to create character-driven pieces with a bold colour palette and lots of fun. Her playful approach to art creates pieces that have personality running across the paper.

Check out Hattie’s products here

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Figo Studio

Figo Studio is based in Bristol and is all things textiles. Plant hangers, wall art, crystal hangers and wearable art, Figo embraces the use of colour and textures in their work.

All handmade in Bristol each piece is unique and made with a keen eye for detail.

Check out Figo Studios products here

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Katie Gulson

Katie Gulson spreads feminine themes mixed with choppy imagery in her pieces of work. Beautiful but with a slightly harsh edge.

Pastels, neons, florals and oriental styles can be found across her work.

Check out Katie’s products here

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Rikki Hewitt

Rikki Hewitt is a graphic artist and painter based in Bristol.

His abstract use of colour and shape brings his pieces together yet with their own sense of identity. Natural themes are a common occurrence in Rikki’s work with graphic line work.

Check out Rikki’s products here

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Lizzie Lomax

Lizzie Lomax is an Illustrator living and working in London, originally from the South West near Stonehenge.

Her favourite themes are sustainability, the environment and animals. Bold colours are a strong feature in her works and wholesome themes.

Check out Lizzie’s products here

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Limpet Store

Limpet Store is an illustrated and handmade brand based in South East London bringing you one of a kind clothing and accessories. Limpet shows a playful and colourful side to everyday life, never taking anything too seriously.

You can rep yourself with one of their personalised items, or spread David Attenborough or Louis Theroux’s wisdom with their embroidered t-shirts and sweats.

Check Limpet Stores products here

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Emma LD

Emma LD is an illustrator and designer based in London, their work is playful and full of colour, with a focus on character, humour and the nuances of everyday life.

Whether it’s a hand-painted plate, a mini zine of people who are bad in this world or an other wordly illustration, Emma LD will supply the goods.

Check out Emma’s products here


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Emotional Waterfall Art

Emotional Waterfall has hit the website with a collaboration of bike hats dreamt up by DIY Supermarket’s boss woman and Emotional Waterfall Art.

A limited edition range of 6 bike hats showcasing EW’s bright and bold brand have been released and they couldn’t look better. Their eye-catching style is more than perfect for creating these pieces of wearable art.

Check out the range here

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Jasmine Hortop

Jasmine Hortop is a Bristol-based illustrator who’s flowing style can be seen over event posters, murals, commissioned work and her own illustration work. Expect colours, flowing shapes, beautiful brush strokes and playful themes from her pieces.

Jasmine has worked with many notable brands from The Foo Fighters, Team Love and Natracare, always bringing her own voice to the pitch.

Check out Jasmine’s products here

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Definitely Jenny

Definitely Jenny is an illustrator currently based in High Wycombe, with a strong interest in editorial, murals, self-publishing and narrative work.

Their work is tied together with my love of colour, characters and trying to capture a sense of fun within their illustrations. Hand embroidered bunnies, tigers and puppy faces on garments, what’s not to love? They’re also a proud owner of a risograph and are very fond of snail mail, printmaking and small press.

Check out Definitely Jenny’s products here


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Kimba is a young British label merging Fine Art with apparel that’s fair trade and organic, designed in London, made by a small fairtrade cooperative in India.

Kimba uses only certified fairtrade and organic textiles from southern India, as well as Limited Edition pieces hand-painted and crafted in-house in London. The simple garments comprise of romantic nude contours and fluid shapes, paying homage to still life and renaissance beauty, made in mind for the creative artiste, yet environmentally aware and socially mindful individual.

Check out Kimba’s products here

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Kokomo Design

Kokomo Design is a Bristol based multidisciplinary textile designer. All items produced are handmade in her studio.

Kokomo produces playful, energetic statement prints/props/accessories and giftware pieces that stand out from the crowd for all occasions.

Check out Kokomo’s products here


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KLOAK is the creation of a Hackney duo, consisting of a furniture maker and a fashion stylist. Bringing together simple shapes to create delicate silver jewellery that leaves a real statement, exploring shape and design.

Check out KLOAK’s products here

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Kasia Everett

Ever dreamed of having a hand stitched version of your favourite person on your shirt? Well, Kasia Everett has got your back. Working between Bristol and London hand stitching portraits left, right and centre. Whether it’s yourself, your best friend or that woman from the telly, Kasia can stitch them all.

Check out Kasia’s products here

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Jessie Rose McGuinness

Jessie Rose McGuinness is a Bristol based painter and illustrator. She hand paints cards, skateboards, linen, and ceramics in an attempt to make art an everyday necessity. Whilst consciously using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Her work is inspired by nature, animals and the human form, not much of Jessie’s work can be taken seriously and is often designed to give you the warm and fuzzies.

Check out Jessie’s products here

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Jennifer Lo

Jennifer Lo is a photographer based in Bristol. Her work speaks volumes about the subject and her keen eye allows you to connect with the piece you’re so intently gazing at. Jennifer is also the creator of the esteemed Bedspread zine and has involvement in Splash and Grab.

Check out Jennifer’s products here

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George Manson

When you look at a George Manson design it’s hard to not feel instantly engaged and like it’s totally relatable to you. Which is strange as we think you can all agree you never thought you’d feel that way about a dog with a beard, or an ice cream cone full of faces… His surreal take on the normal is what makes Georges work so perfect.

Check out Georges products here

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Figo Studio

Figo Studio is a textiles art house based in Bristol. Their punchy colours and designs are so eye-catching it makes you wonder why you’ve never owned a neon piece of handknitted art before. From wearable art like their necklaces to macrame plant hangers, Figo Studio has got their designs down to a T.

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Anna Higgie

Anna Higgie is an Australian born illustrator now living and working in Bristol, England. She spends most of her time in her Stokes Croft studio, where she uses a combination of traditional and digital techniques to create her illustrations. Her attention to detail and use of shape, colour, and composition makes every piece of work have her own signature style.

Check out Anna’s products here

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Neat Frontage

Neat Frontage are a Bristol based fashion house creating stylish, handmade and sharp designs. With this collections think metallic, sheer and bright and you’ve got a great idea of what’s to come.

Established in 2013 Neat Frontage have honed into Bristol’s eclectic style with their own, and become a go-to fashion house for every occasion. If you want an eye-catching piece that’s often a one-off or of a limited run, this is the place to go. Mixing streetwear and couture influences each of their collections has their own voice.

Check out Neat Frontage’s products here

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Pirrip Press

Pirrip Press was founded in 2012 by Alexandra Higlett + Georgina Hounsome, they are a small illustration, design and print studio based in Bristol, specialising in Silkscreen printing. They work on a variety of projects, both big and small, and each also work independently as illustrators and designers.

Each of their pieces has a story, they believe that things have more authenticity if there is research, thought and a narrative of some kind behind them. So there’s always a tale woven into what they do.

Check out Pirrip Press’ products here

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Sophie Filomena

Sophie Filomena is a bold and bespoke brand, making an impact in the Bristol art scene and beyond. Inspired by 80s aesthetic and the Memphis Milano cultural phenomenon of Italian design, her jewellery and prints are made to empower and evoke feelings of confidence that let you take on the world!

Check out Sophie’s products here

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Olivia Pratt

Olivia Pratt is an artist and scenic painter working in Bristol and London. Her work is based on rocks and minerals, natural landscape, memories and images in words. Colour is a big influence on her work and she enjoys experimenting with and discovering new palettes.

Check out Olivia’s work here

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Maggie Cross

Maggie Cross trained at the school of jewellery in Birmingham. she currently lives and works in Cardigan, West Wales and makes minimal yet fun silver jewellery that can be worn again and again. Each of her pieces are original and designed to last a lifetime.

Check out Maggie’s products here

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Liz Vidal

Liz Vidal makes functional ceramics and unique one-off pieces, using stoneware or porcelain. Liz is inspired by the thought of her work becoming a part of someone’s daily ritual, whether that be as their favourite bowl for breakfast or first choice of mug for their morning coffee.

Check out Liz’s products here

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John Molesworth

John Molesworth’s current work takes a bold, colourful, and a process driven approach across his portfolio, whether it’s paintings or posters, publications or drawings. John draws his inspiration from literature, art, materials and observation. His work always has character and feeling, inviting you to create a friendship with his pieces.

Check out John’s products here

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Holly St Clair

Holly St Clair is a London based illustrator and maker. Her work explores ideas about communication and miscommunication. Holly has been working with brands like Lululemon, Beach London, Family Store, and Square Pegs to deliver fun and lively illustration, animation, and installations. Her work is full of character and is relatable in so many ways and to so many people, giving it a personal touch.

Check out Holly’s products here

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Helena Lacy

Helena Lacy is a London based Sculptor and Ceramicist. Helena creates abstract sculptures from clay usually based on the female body as a form. The themes behind her vases are about playing with heights and levels and creating unique practical sculptures that are for displaying both succulents and cut flowers together. She draws inspiration for these vases from the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Ikebana. All vases are coil built. She is based in The Arches Studios in Peckham.

Check out Helena’s products here

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Dylan Ceramics

Dylan Ceramics is produced in South London, The Kiln Rooms. The body of work is an exploration into humour in design, challenging preconceptions surrounding sustainable design. Humour can make a difficult subject easier to digest and brings some joy into the stifling beige we so often associate with ‘green’ design. Each piece is completely unique and mindfully created.

Check out Dylan’s products here